Circular Economy

Over the last 50 years, the Findhorn Ecovillage has diversified into more than 60 different organizations- charities, non-profits, for-profits, co-ops and social enterprises-, and initiatives, providing a model of a vibrant, living local economy.

The Ecovillage has its own local currency (the Eko) that many businesses accept in place of Sterling. There is £20,000 in EKO circulation with 4 issues so far.

The original and largest organization is the Findhorn Foundation, an educational charity which holds most of the workshops, conferences, and events continue throughout the year hosting some 4,000 residential guests annually.






Other key contributors to the circular economy include:

Community businesses include:
» Findhorn Foundation, an international center of education conducting programmes for approximately 3000 residential guests each year
» Phoenix Findhorn Community Interest Company - promoting trade with ethical suppliers, initiating buying policies to support local products
» Ekopia - a Development Trust providing community based ethical investments
» Hoco, providing infrastructure management
» Duneland Limited - landholding company working with conservation, regeneration and ecological human settlement
» Gaia Education, developing curricula for sustainable community design worldwide
» The Bakehouse - organic bakers and slow food cafe
» Findhorn College, offering further and higher education sustainability programmes
» Moray Arts Centre, encouraging the study of the visual arts locally
» Findhorn Bay Holiday Park, offering holiday accommodation
» Findhorn Pottery
» Findhorn Flower Essences, producing floral remedies
» Big Sky Printing - graphic design and printing services
» Drumduan School, providing Waldorf Education for children from age 3 to 16
» Newbold House, retreat and workshop center
» Ecologia Youth Trust, promoting exchange programmes with Russia
» Erraid Community, and associate community in the west of Scotland
» Trees for Life - award-winning Scottish ecological restoration project