Circular Economy

Over the last 60 years, the Findhorn Ecovillage has diversified into more than 60 different organisations- charities, non-profits, for-profits, co-ops and social enterprises-, and initiatives, providing a model of a vibrant, living local economy.

The Ecovillage has its own local currency (the Eko) that many businesses accept in place of Sterling. The Eko is a local currency system designed as a working alternative to £ Sterling in economic transactions as a viable complement to local LETS schemes.






Other key contributors to the circular economy include:
» Findhorn Foundation, an international center of education conducting programmes for approximately 3000 residential guests each year
» Phoenix Findhorn Community Interest Company - promoting trade with ethical suppliers, initiating buying policies to support local products
» Ekopia - a Development Trust providing community based ethical investments
» Duneland Limited - landholding company working with conservation, regeneration and ecological human settlement
» Gaia Education, developing curricula for sustainable community design worldwide
» The Bakehouse - organic bakers and slow food cafe
» Moray Arts Centre, encouraging the study of the visual arts locally
» Findhorn Bay Holiday Park, offering holiday accommodation
» Findhorn Flower Essences, producing floral remedies
» Drumduan School, providing Waldorf Education for children from age 3 to 16
» Ecologia Youth Trust, promoting exchange programmes with Russia
» Erraid Community, and associate community in the west of Scotland
» Trees for Life - award-winning Scottish ecological restoration project