Over 10 years CIFAL Findhorn/Scotland has hosted over 100 seminars addressing policy development and technical issues related to climate change, renewable energies, biodiversity, low-carbon housing, SDGs, circular economy, green jobs, transition towns, local and bioregional food systems, hydrogen economy, sustainable islands and many other themes.

You can find and download here the legacy of the most inspiring presentations over the decade.

UN 70 Years of Service to Humanity

'UN 70 Years of Service to Humanity' The Ongoing Partnership with the Scottish Government
- Joanna Keating, Scottish Government
The Pillars of the Work of the UN - Peace and Security - Gari Donn, United Nations Association Scotland, UN House

Soil, the Earth's Tender Skin - Opening Lecture

Soils and Climate Change - Prof. David Reay, School of Geosceinces, Edinburgh University
The Bedrock of Life - Jonathan Hughes, Scottish Wildlife Trust
Soils and Water - Michael Shaw, Biomatrix

UN SDGs: Ethnic Minorities Preparing for Action

The origins of the SDGs - May East, CIFAL Scotland
The 5 Ps - May East, CIFAL Scotland

UN Sustainable Development Goals - Moray Preparing for Action

2015: A Defining Year for Our Planet
- May East, CIFAL Scotland
A World Without Poverty - Scotland and the SDGs - Judith Ballantine, Scottish Government
Health and Wellbeing in Our Communities - Elidh Myrvang Brown, tsiMORAY
The Moray Council Energy Team - Bill Anderson and Lindsey Jackson
Biomatrix Water - Michael Shaw

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Scotland Preparing for Action

2015 A Defining Year for our Planet
- May East, CIFAL Scotland
Sustainable Development Goals: Scotland Preparing for Action - Gillian Wilson, NIDOS
A World Without Poverty: Scotland and the SDGs - Joanna Keating, Scottish Government
How NGOs are Engaging with the SDGs Gillian Wilson, NIDOS
SDGs - 3rd June event recording

Joining Forces for Business Action on Sustainable Development Goals

Business Preparing for Action - Pat Laughlin, UK BCSD
A World Without Poverty - Judith Ballantine, Scottish Government
Brewing a Better World - Claire Matthews, Heineken
Sustainable Development Goals: Joining Forces for Business Action - May East, CIFAL Scotland
Sustainable Development Goals and Biomatrix - Michael Shaw, Biomatrix

Climate Resilience for BAME communities in Glasgow

ABC of Climate Resilience - Milla Harju
Bright Energy for Climate Resilience
Efficient Transport for Climate Resilience
Resourceful Waste for Climate Resilience
Smart Food for Climate Resilience

SDGs in Scotland: Reframing Sustainable Development

Scottish Post 2015 Working Group – the Power of Collective Working
 Rosemary Lindsey, Scottish Government

International Water Cooperation and Transboundary Aquifers

Water, Water, Everywhere? - Robert Kalin, University of Strathclyde
Scotland – The Hydro Nation - Bob Irvine, Scottish Government
Ground Water, Governance and the Future We Want - Dr Alica Aureli, Chief Groundwater Resources Section UNESCO IHP
Transboundary Waters in SADC and the Nile Basin – Beyond the Water - Marius Claasen, South Africa Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Ranking the 'Troublesomeness' of the 14 TBAs Identified on the SADC Hydrogeological Map - Nick Robins, British Geological Survey
The Role of [International] Law in the Management of Transboundary Aquifers - Francesco Sindico, University of Strathclyde
The Role and Relevance of the UNECE Water Convention in Fostering Cooperation in Managing Transboundary Groundwaters - Annukka Lipponen, UNECE
Transboundary Water Cooperation in the SADC Region - Owen McIntyre, University College Cork
Water Stewardship in the South African Mining Sector - Anthony Turton, Water Stewardship Council of Southern Africa
Yemen's Groundwater Crisis - James Ferguson. Author
Emergent Accounting Technologies to Support Engagement on Water Management - Shona Russell, University of St. Andrews
From Global to Local Initiatives - Rodney Ndamba, Institute for Sustainability Africa
Everyone Forever - Nick Burn, Water for People
Transboundary Aquifer Management: How does this Support Development and What is the Role of Donors? - Amanda Duff, Water Resources Adviser, DFID
Understanding and Reinforcing Sound Governance of Transboundary Aquifers - Shammy Puri, International Association of Hydrogeologists

Putting Scotland at the Core of Post-Rio+20 Processes & SDGs

Putting Scotland at the Core of Post-Rio+20 Processes & SDGs - Farroq Ullah, Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum

Moray Communities and Sustainability Committee Inaugural Meeting

Introduction to the ISM Behaviour Change Tool - Dr Alex Hilliam, Changeworks Step-by-Step Woodfuel Heating for Communities
General Overview of Woodfuel in the Park - Scope for Expansion - Penny Lawson, Land Management Officer, CNPA.
Making Biomass Heat Work for You – Jack Welch, Senior Sales Account Manager, HW Energy.
Local Power- Developing Business Models for Community Owned Biomass Systems - Chris Perkins, Biomass Project Manager, Highland Birchwoods
Case Study: Tullynessle Hall - Drennan Watson, Committee Member, Tullynessle Hall
Planning Permission- Issues to Consider - Katherine Donnachie, Senior Planner, CNPA
Climate Challenge Fund Grants and Woodfuel Projects - Tim Mullens, Community Action Support Programme Officer, Climate Challenge Fund
Funding for Domestic Woodfuel Systems - Rob Snaith, Micro-Renewables and Microgeneration Specialist, Energy Saving Scotland

Community-led Renewables in the Cairngorms National Park

The Renewable Energy Potential of the Cairngorms National Park - Gavin Miles, Strategic Planning Programme Manager, Cairngorms National Park Authority.
Introduction to Micro Renewable Energy, Dr Peter Dennis, Manager, SEAM Centre, Inverness College
Altchosach Micro-Hydro Project - David Wells, Private Owner, 9.5kWh Installation
Case Study - Heat Pumps - Susan Pettie, Creative Director, Prophet Scotland
Solar PV and Solar Thermal - Campbell MacLennan, Technical Director, AES Solar Systems Ltd
Biomass Calculation, Potential Savings and Income Generation for Non Domestic Projects - Duncan Fraser, Installer, Fraser and Sun Ltd
Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES), Funding and Finance - Sarah Jones and Karen Paterson, Development Officers, Community Energy Scotland.
Climate Challenge Fund; What Type of Project Would Help Your Community? - Tim Mullens, CASP Officer, Climate Challenge Fund
Green Deal and Eco in Scotland - Dean Wigglesworth, Green Deal Specialist, Changeworks

Creating Green Jobs for Youth

What are Green Jobs? - May East, CEO, CIFAL Scotland
Green Jobs in the Highlands and Islands - David Oxley, Area Manager, HIE
Developing the Green Energy Skills Sector - David McKay, Head of Operations for Transmissions, Scottish and Southern Energy
A Bright Future in Solar Energy - Campbell MacLennan, Technical Director, AES Solar Energy
Eco Building and Contemporary Craftsmanship Opportunities - Neil Sutherland, Partner, MAKAR
Developing Entrepreneurship and Innovation among Graduates and School Leavers - Elaine Morrison, Development Manager, Energy Research Group, UHI
Modern Apprenticeships: Paving the Way for School Leavers - Frances Webster, Area Manager for Moray, Skills Development Scotland
The Future We Want - Camilla Born, UK Youth Climate Change Coalition
Hub North - Linking Green Opportunities with Youth - Jim Royan OBE, Chairman, Hub North
Growing the Green Jobs Opportunities - Wind Renewables Perspective - Video
Growing the Green Jobs Opportunities - Wind Renewables Perspective - PDF
Stuart Naylor, Operations Manager, Fred Olsen

Health, Wealth, Innovation - An International Conference to Explore Digital Health Links between Asia, Africa and Scotland.

The World Health Organisation's Global Observatory for eHealth - Misha Kay, Manager, WHO Global Observatory for eHealth
Scotland at the Cutting Edge of Digital Health - Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Scottish Government
A Digital Health Care Cluster - Dr Steven Dodsworth, Head of Life Sciences, Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Bhutan Happiness and Digital Health - an Emergent Field - Dr Dasho Karma Ura, President, Centre for Bhutan Studies, Bhutan
Market Failure or Opportunity? How to Deliver at Scale - Mike Biddle, Innovation Platform Leader for Assisted Living, Technology Strategy Board
Remote Monitoring of COPD Patients Using Speckled Computing - the Elgin Experience - Professor D K Arvind, Director, Centre for Speckled Computing, University of Edinburgh
eHealth, Big Data and Sustainable Development - KDSI - Knowledge Synthesis and Discovery Initiative - Dr Ricardo Leitão, Chief Health Strategist, Andago
Singapore's National Strategy to Engage People and Communities to Achieve Better Health Outcomes - Tikki Gee, Deputy Director of Consumer Health at MOH Holdings, Singapore
Anticipatory Care and Reducing Hospitalisation - Dr Adrian Baker, GP, NHS Highlands
Introduction to the Chinese PLA 301 General Hospital Information Management System (HIS) and Telemedicine - Dr Zheng Bing, Project Manager, Telemedicine Beijing 301 General Hospital
E-Health in Africa - Travelling at speed into the 21st Century - Dr Martinho Dgedge, National Director of Human Resources, Ministry of Health, Mozambique

Inventors, Innovation and Sustainability

Solar Innovation - George Goudsmith, Director, AES Solar
Hydrogen Innovation - John Lidderdale, Chairman, Logan Energy
Bioremediation - Michael Shaw, Founding Partner, Biomatrix

Global Water Scarcity: What Needs to be Done?

Why are we here? - Professor Robert Kalin, University of Strathclyde
Water Scarcity in Malawi - Hon Grenner Gambatula, Head of Water Task Force, Government of the Republic of Malawi Philippines
Water Scarcity, an International Perspective - Dr Alan MacDonald, Principal Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey
Ecological Technologies for Increased Water Security - Galen Fulford, Managing Partner, Biomatrix Water
EU Funding for International Water Cooperation -  Francesca Giannini - Europa Senior Executive, Scotland Europa
Water Stewardship Standards: New Opportunities for Water Security - Dr Nick Hepworth, Founding Trustee and Strategic Advisor, Water Witness International
The European Report on Development 2012: Confronting Scarcity, Managing Water, Energy and Land, for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth - Nat Mason, Research officer, Overseas Development Institute
High Science, Low Technology - Professor Robert Kalin - University of Strathclyde
Tackling the Global Water Crisis: An International Legal Perspective - Professor Patricia Wouters, Director, Dundee IHP-HELP Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science UNESCO
The Hydro Nation - Alex Neil, Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Capital Investment 
Empowered Customers: Sustainable Outcomes - Alan Sutherland, CEO, Water Industry Commission for Scotland
SEPA Policy on Regulating Water Usage - Simon Pattullo, Water Resources Specialist, SEPA
Integrated Water Resource Planning and Management: A comparative view on England and Wales, Australia and South Africa – where does sustainability fit in the decision process? - Dr Evan Dollar, Head of Water Resources, MWH
Water for People - Gordon Mumbo, Regional Manager for Africa, Water for PeopleWater Saving Opportunities in Dairy Processing - Michelle Mansell, Regional Environmental Manager, Robert Wiseman Dairies

Innovative Business in a Low Carbon Future

Towards a Circular Economy - Colin Webster, Development Officer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Middens to Plasma Arcs – Scotland's Journey to Zero Waste? - Colin Clark, Head of Waste Management, The Highland Council
Making Future Places Now - Neil Sutherland, Partner, Neil Sutherland Architects
Carbon Down Profit Up - Andrew Murphie, Operations Manager, Landmark Press
A Regional Approach to a Low Carbon Economy- Progress on Food and Drink - Hamish Trench, Director of Strategic Land Use, Cairngorms National Park

Community Resilience Emerging Opportunities around Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Opening Message - Carlos Lopes, UN Under-Secretary General, UNITAR Executive Director
Water Scarcity and Water Footprinting: Long-Term Economic Growth and Climate Justice - Professor Bob Kalin, Director, David Livingstone Centre for Sustainability
The Sunart Community Company Hydro electric Scheme - Robert Dunn, Director, Sunart Community Company & Richard Laybourne, Director, Sunart Community Company
Exploring Community Resilience - Nick Wilding, Carnegie UK Trust
Research, Innovation and Community Implementation - George Ponton , Head of Research & Innovation – Scottish Water
Scotland The Hydro Nation - Jon Rathjen, Team Leader, Water Industry Team, Scottish Government
Potential Funding - Empowering Communities Renewably - SMALLEST, CARES, WARES, Ewan Ramsay, Operations Director
International Resources and Recycling Institute - Upperlands Community Development - Eric Glasgow, Volunteer Project Leader, Upperlands Community Development Ltd

Education for a Low Carbon Future

Opening Message - Carlos Lopes, UN Under-Secretary General, UNITAR Executive Director
Where We Are Today - A Snapshot of DESD Implementation in the World - Bernard Combes, Information Officer, UNDESD UNESCO
Education for a Low Carbon Future - Opportunities and Challenges -  Dr Gary Campbell, Dean of Learning and Teaching UHI 
Its more about the kind of children we are leaving to the planet that vice versa -  Schools for a low carbon future - Morag Watson, Senior Policy Officer Education, WWF
By Leaves we Live - Learning Outdoors and Preparing for a Low Carbon Future - Professor Peter Higgins, Professor of Outdoor and Environmental Education, University of Edinburgh. 
Curriculum for Excellence - Equipping Young People for a Low Carbon World -  David Doris, Scottish Government 
Renewable Energy Training - Skilling up for a Power Down - Dr Peter Dennis, SEAM Centre, Inverness College
The Implications of UNDESD across the UK -  Dr William Scott, Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Bath

Sustainable Tourism: Community Involvement and Staff Development

Delivering Sustainable Tourism - from Strategy to Frontline Staff - Tom Brock OBE, CEO, Scottish Seabird Centre
Creating a Sustainable Tourism Business: How to Achieve Staff Buy-in - Dr Andreas Walmsley, Senior Lecturer Business Management, York St John University
Tourism from Grass Roots - the Hidden Britain Approach - James Turner, Development Manager, Hidden Britain  
Sustainability in Guiding Practice – the Nature and Need for Training - Myles Farnbank, Director of Guides, Wilderness Scotland 
Visit Sleat- A Case Study in Sustainable Tourism - Jane McDermot, Founder Member, Visit Sleat
Thriving Communities and Sustainable Tourism: How does being a National Park help? - Murray Ferguson, Director Sustainable Rural Development, CNPA 
The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism -  High-impact Joint Projects to Build Sustainable  Tourism Worldwide - Florian Delifer, Membership Manager, Sustainable Consumption and Production, UNEP

Forestry in the Highlands Conference

Changing Opportunities for the Forestry Sector in the Highlands - Dr Bob McIntosh, Director, Forestry Commission Scotland
Contains Mild Peril - Lesley Cranna, Area Manager, Scottish Natural Heritage
More Jobs, Less Carbon – a Bright Future for Scotland's Forests - Colin Mann, Chairman, ConFor
Restructuring Forestry- Community Woodlands in Scotland - Jon Hollingdale, CEO, Community Woodlands Association
Plantations on Ancient Woodlands Sites: the Gradual Approach to Restoration
- Gordon Gray-Stephens, Director, Scottish Native Woods
Abriachan: a Community's Woodland - Suzanne Barr, Director, Abriachan Forest Trust
Timber Transport in the Highlands - Colin MacKenzie, Project Consultant, Highland Timber Transport Group
Steep Ground Harvesting
- Alex Macleod, Project Officer, Forestry Commission Scotland
Woodlands and Norwegians
- Dr Duncan Halley, Research Ecologist, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
Native Forest in the Highlands- the Caledonian Forest - Alan Watson, Executive Director, Trees for Life
Multifunctional Forests in the Cairngorms National Park
- Will Boyd-Wallis, Senior Land Management Officer, CNPA
Native Woodland Restoration
- David Jardine, Forest District Manager, Forestry Commission Scotland
Rewilding the Trees; Let Be no Forest
- Dr Frans Vera, PhD Ecologist, Wageningen University

Counting Carbon

Counting Carbon1 - Archie Prentice
Counting Carbon2 - Archie Prentice
Communicating Sustainability - Eric May

Revitalising Local Economies

Revitalising Local Economies- What Future do we Want? - Elizabeth Cox, Head of Connected Economies, New Economics Foundation
Beyond Regulatory Compliance! Opportunity to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Generate Savings and Benefit Local Communities - Dr Martin Blake, Chairman, Carbon Zero Solutions 
Economic Exchange Systems and Wealth Creation in Local Communities - Jonathan Dawson, UNIDO Enterprise Development Advisor

Biodiversity and Climate Change Conference

International Year of Biodiversity - Dr Bob Bloomfield, Head of Innovation and Special Projects, Natural History Museum,
Convener, IYB UK
Biodiversity Policy in a Changing Climate - Charles Stewart Roper, Head Biodiversity Strategy Team, Scottish Government
Coastal Climate Change Effects- Biodiversity and Beyond - Dr Alistair Rennie, Coastal Geomorphologist, SNH
Adapting Scotland's Forests to a Future Climate - Duncan Ray, Forest Research, Forestry Commission Scotland
Biodiversity and Climate Change- a Landscape Scale Challenge - Hamish Trench, Strategic Land Use Director, Cairngorms National Park Authority
Species Conservation in a Changing Climate- The Bristol Symposium - Dr Sue Dow, Research Officer, Bristol Zoo Gardens
Branding Biodiversity: the New Nature Message - Laurie Bennett, Head of Strategy, Futerra
100 Years of Nature Protection- New Climate Change Challenges - Michael Leth Jess, Head of Unit, Danish Society for Nature Conservation

Making Way for Scotland's Hydrogen Economy

Scottish Activities on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Stephen Pyke, CEO, SHFCA
Strategic Overview from Major UK Logistics Operator - Martin Blake, Head of Sustainability and Environment, Royal Mail
Wales Progress on Hydrogen Energy - Jon Maddy, Hydrogen Centre, University of Glamorgan
German Activities Preparing Zero Emission Mobility - Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director, NOW, German National Innovation Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Fuel Cells – a Reality in Europe - Anthony Brenninkmeijer, Director, Fuel Cell Europe
Latest Developments in Hydrogen Infrastructure - Ian Williamson, Hydrogen and Bio Energy Systems Director, Air Products
Intermittent Power to a Clean Transport Fuel - Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power
Smallest – Community Benefit of Hydrogen Installations - Dr Daniel Aklil, CEO, Pure Energy
Low to Zero Carbon Buildings - John Lidderdale, Managing Director, Logan Energy UK
Wind Hydrogen Balancing - Steven Radford, Managing Director UK, Wind Hydrogen Ltd 
The Hydrogen Office - Derek Mitchell, Project Manager, The Hydrogen Office, Fife Hydrogen Office
Update on UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Activities - Rupert Gammon, Director, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Association
The NRW Strategy for a Hydrogen Energy Society - Frank Koch Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy of the State North Rhine-Westphalia
The all New Ultra Low Emissions Lightweight Delivery Van - Mark Lawson-Statham Intelligent Energy
Moving toward Fleet Scale Hydrogen Vehicle Trials in the UK - Rob Evans, CEO, Cenex
Toyota's Vision of Fuel Cell Vehicle - Akihito Tanke, Toyota, Executive Advisor to President, Energy Research

Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland

Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland - Colin Imrie, Scottish Government
Highlands and Islands  - the transition is happening now - William Roe, Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Towards a Low Carbon Economy - Opening Address - John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for FInance and Sustainable Growth, Scottish Government
Report - Towards a Low Carbon Economy for Scotland

Scotland's Hydrogen Future Debate

Hydrogen the Opportunity to Decarbonise Transport in the Postal Sector - Dr. Martin A. Blake, Royal Mail Group
Brief Overview of the Hydrogen Scenario in Scotland - Tom Read, SHFCA
Scotland's Hydrogen Future - Ian Williamson, Air Products

Retrofitting your Home - Heating Systems- Insulation- Micro-renewables Generation

Retrofitting your Home - An Overview - Stewart Davidson, Energy Saving Scotland Advice Network
Energy Performance of Building
- Graeme Berry, Proctor Group
The Challenges of Retrofitting my Home
- Lisa Mead

Sustainable Islands - Towards a Low Carbon Economy 

Green Jobs: the Impact of Climate Change in the World of Work - Martin Gasser, Enterprise, Microfinance and Local Development Programme, ILO
Climate and Economic Challenges Facing Orkney
- Stephen Hagan, Orkney Islands Council
Gotland Island- the Renewable Energy Revolution as a Catalyst for a Sustainable Economy
- Bertil Klintbom, Municipality of Gotland, Sweden
Samso, the Danish Island Living Off-Grid
- Soren Hermanson, Samso Island Denmark
The Isle of Eigg – First of a Thousand Green Islands
- Lucy Conway, Isle of Eigg
Sustainable Islands: Delivering change
- William Roe, HIE
Sleat Renewables
- Angus Robertson, Sleat Renewables.

Scotland's Hydrogen Future: Building a Sustainable Economy through Hydrogen and Renewable Energy

The Royal Mail Hydrogen Strategy - Dr. Martin Blake, DBA, MBA, BSc, Royal Mail Group
The Delivery of Sustainable Hydrogen in the UK - Prof. John Irvine, Scottish Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association
The Scottish Government's Renewable Energy Targets and Scotland's Hydrogen Future - Jim Mather, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism, Scottish Government
Fuel Cells – a Reality in Europe - Jean-Marc Tixhon, Fuel Cell Europe
Hydrogen - Key to Enabling the Replacement of Oil, Gas and Coal by Renewables in Electricity Generation? - Dr. John McClatchey, Environmental Research Institute, UHI
The Commercial Application of Stationary Fuel Cells in the Built Environment - Bill Ireland, Logan Energy UK
Enabling initiatives to accelerate early fuel cell market adoption: Case studies - Patrick Maio, Fuel Cell Europe
The Hydrogen Office – from Concept to Reality - Derek Mitchell, The Hydrogen Office, Fife
The Hydrogen Corridor: an Innovative Transport Initiative in NE Scotland - Tom Read, Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association
UNITAR Local Development Programme - the CIFAL Network - Lilia Naas, UNITAR
The Royal Mail's Vehicle and Fuel Roadmap - Tony Shaw, Royal Mail Group
Creating the UK's Hydrogen Highway - Rupert Gammon, UK Hydrogen Association
PATHways: Assessing Progress in the Global Hydrogen Industry - Jeffrey Serfass, Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH)
Delivering Renewable Hydrogen: How Industry can Make it Happen - Ian Williamson, Air Products
Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure in Scandinavia - Steven Westenholz, H2 Logic A/S
Creating Iceland's Hydrogen Economy: Case-studies from Iceland - Hallmar Halldors, Icelandic Hydrogen
Technology Development- Electrolysers - Iain Alexander Russell, Hydrogen Technology Ltd.
Funding and Business Opportunities - Tom Houghton, University of Strathclyde

Local Authority Climate Change Leadership International Seminar

Overview of Scottish Local Authority Action on Climate Change - George Tarvit, SSN
Act and Adapt: Climate Change in Scotland - Gavin Barrie, Scottish Government
Learning from Experience Fife Council - Stuart Nichol, Fife Council
Local Climate Change Mitigation Leadership- the Swedish Experience of Växjö Kommun - Pär Wallin,Växjö Kommun
Local Authorities Building Adaptive Capacity and Climate Change Resilience - Alex Hill, The Met Office
SCCIP –an Update on Capacity and Services - Julian Holbrook, Scottish Climate Change Impacts Partnership
Multi-stakeholder Approach in the City of Tilburg- to Execute a New Local Climate Policy - Pieter Biemans, City of Tilburg

Retrofitting your Home- Heating Systems- Insulation- Micro-renewables Generation

Working together to Achieve a Low Carbon Society - Elaine Morrison, Energy Saving Scotland Advice Network
Energy Efficiency - David Aird, Energy Saving Scotland Advice Network
Micro-Renewables within the Home - Stewart S Davidson, Energy Saving Scotland Advice Network
Bridging the Information Gap: Grants & Resources - Mhairi MacSween, Energy Saving Scotland Advice Network

UNDESD Contributions from Scotland

Speech by the Minister for Schools and Skills - Maureen Watt MSP, Scottish Government
Campus, Curriculum, Community - Dr. Rehema White & Rebecca Petford, St. Andrews University
UK Sustainble School of the Year - Shawlands Academy
Lifelong Learning - Natural Change Project - Roseleen Shanley, Bankhead Academy

Food Security- a Bioregional Response

Local Harvest- From Community Supported Agriculture to Integrated Bioregional Networks - Christopher Raymont, Earth Share CSA
Local Food and the Farmers Role - Alastair MacLennan, Cairngorms Farmers Market
Bioregional Food Systems- Finding the Shortest Route between Producers and Consumers - Jo Hunt, Highland and Islands Local Food Network
Food in Cities- What Can we Learn from London Policy, Public Procurement and Practice - Ben Reynolds, Sustain
Community Growing Initiatives Allotments, Gardens and Orchards- a Scottish Response - Judy Wilkinson, Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society
Local Food, Local Shop, Local Benefit - David Hoyle, Phoenix Community Stores
Public Procurement -the Wider Context of School Food - Robin Gourlay,  East Ayrshire Council
Summary of Guidelines and Outcomes - Jonathan Dawson, CIFAL Findhorn

Retrofitting your Home

Building Blocks for an Integrated Retrofit - Michael Sharp, Build One Limited
Case Study- Challenges of Retrofitting my Own Home - Lisa Mead

Micro Hydro Power 2

Hydro Power Basics, Constraints and Low Head System Design - Mick Betswick, Mann Power
High Head System Design, Development Process, Grants & Financing - Jamie Wallace, Highland Eco-design
Scotland Rural Development Programme - Gordon McConachie, CNPA
Micro-Hydro: The Potential in Cairngorms - Alison Lax, CNPA
Hydro Developments Regulatory Requirements - Richard Fyfe, SEPA

Developing the Woodfuel Supply Chain in the Cairngorms National Park

Wood for Energy in Europe - Setting the Scene - Pieter D. Kofman, Danish Forestry Extension
Developing the Wood Fuel Supply Chain in the Cairngorms National Park - Ian Cowan, Forestry Commission


Woodfuel Potential - Ian Cowen, Forestry Commission Scotland
Woodfuel Heating Systems: Introducing the Benefits - Chris Perkins, Highland Birchwoods
Planning a Woodfuel Installation - Chris Perkins, Highland Birchwoods
Complete Solutions for Wood Heating Across Scotland - Bruno Berardelli, Highland Wood Energy, Alvie Woodfuel, Jamie Williamson, Alvie Estate
Woodfuel Grant Support - Ian Cowe, Forestry Commission Scotland


Micro-Hydro from Conception to Completion - Nick Bard, RD Energy Solutions
Licencing Process for Micro-Hydro - Michael Wan, SEPA
Micro-Hydro- the UK Perspective - David Williams, British Hydro Association

Low and Zero Carbon Housing- Retrofitting and New Build Design

Future Proofing your Lifestyles with Early Investment in Renewables- Lessons from a Pioneer - Prof. Sue Roaf, School for the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University
Practical Implications of Low and Zero Carbon Housing - Wayne Ward, BRE Highlands
Healthy Carbon-Positive Homes: The Baufritz Vision - Oliver Rehm, Architect and Director of Baufritz, UK
Design and Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Kits for Temporary Applications - Wim Debacker, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Environmental Impact Assessment of Adaptive Reuse of Existing Social High Rise Dwellings - Anne Paduart, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
4 Dimension Design of a Construction Kit for Adaptive Reuse of High-rise Buildings - Elsen Stijn, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
We Need to Talk about Development - Prof. Sandy Halliday, Gaia Research
Cohousing as a Carbon Reduction Strategy - Dr. Graham Meltzer, Architect, Co-housing expert
Earth-sheltering: Beyond Zero Carbon - Dr. Jeremy Harrall, Architect
It's more than Zero Carbon: Delivering Genuine Sustainability in the Built Environment - Dr. David Strong, Inbuilt Ltd
Responding to the Retrofitting Challenge -  Elizabeth Leighton, WWF Scotland
Existing Homes and Climate Change: The Scottish Government‚s Position and Strategies - David Fotheringham,  Private Housing Policy, Housing and Regeneration Directorate, Scottish Government
Low and Zero Carbon Housing- Synthesis Tree Days - Galen Fulford, The Ecovillage Institute

Eco-Industrials Parks

Eco-Industrial Parks: Strengthening our Regional Economy in Response to Climate Change and Resource Scarcity - Dr. Daniel Wahl, CIFAL Findhorn
Eco-Industrial Park- the Opportunity, - Brian Menzies, EnviroCentre

Urban Planning and Regeneration: Key to Tackling Climate Change

Towards Sustainability: Planning with Developers - Catriona McDonald, Clackmannanshire Council
Freiburg-Vauban: Europe's Solar Capital Sustainable Neighbourhood Design - Carsten Sperling, Freiburg-Vauban District
Capturing Hearts and Minds: Citizens and Sustainability - Lessons from Dundee Sun City -  Elaine Morrison, Solar Cities Scotland
Patrick Geddes: Scotland's Pioneer of Sustainable Urban Planning - Neil Grieve, Geddes Institute for Urban Research, University of Dundee
Dundee: Central Waterfront - Mike Galloway, Dundee City Council
Dundee Waterfront Sustainability Study
Transition Towns: Grassroots Action for an Abundant Future in a Zero-Carbon World - Eva Schonveld, Transition Towns Scotland
Making Tyres from Fresh Air Bryan Bennett - Xm Services Michelin
Curitiba: Integrated Urban Planning Liana Vallicelli - IPPUC, Curitiba Urban Research and Planning Institute
Urban Planning and Regeneration Day 1 Synthesis - Galen Fulford, The Ecovillage Institute
Urban Planning and Regeneration Day 2 Synthesis - Galen Fulford, The Ecovillage Institute
World Cafe & Open Space Technology - Daniel Wahl, University of Dundee

Biofuels for Sustainable Transportation

Renewable Energy and Biodiversity - Development in Germany - Norbert Metz, German Association of Landcare
The Global Sustainability of Biofuels - Adam Harrison, WWF
Transport Biofuels - Drivers and Options - Dr. Elaine Booth, Scottish Agricultural College, BioEnergy Group
Biofuels for Transport: Thinking Out of the Box - Peter Harper, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales
Biofuels- The Supply Chain - David Todd, Gleaner Oli and Gas
Biofuels in Moray - Peter Fidgett, Moray Council
ZeroCarbonBritain - Peter Harper, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales
Biofuels Seminar Synthesis - Jonathan Dawson, Global Ecovillage Network

Solar Energy and Heat Pumps- Responding to the Climate Change Challenge

Sea Cliffe Heat Pumps Case Study - Susan Pettie Prophet
Solar Energy and Heat Pumps - Alex Walker, Development Trusts Association Scotland

Global Climate Change and the Sustainable Energy Revolution

Financial support for Community Initiatives - Eric Dodd, Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company
Enforcing Change by Regulation - Donald Lunan, Moray Council
Global Climate Change: Scotland taking the Lead - Sue Kearns, Scottish Government