Ecovillage Findhorn Scotland's pioneering eco-settlement is 60 years old - what is new?

Ecovillage Findhorn is 60 years old. The pioneering eco-settlement in the Northeast of Scotland continues to play a leading role as a research and development centre for low-carbon lifestyles, pursued through a complex melange of dream and vision, dance and chant, technology and spirit, investigation and design, reflection and action, death and renewal.

It's 60 years since the community’s founders parked their caravan in what was afterwards called the ‘Original Garden’, planting the seed for what has become an international centre of education for thousands from around the world. Today, the Findhorn ecovillage continues to prototype solutions to the regenerative design challenge of our times in the fields of food production, energy systems, built environment, biodiversity remediation, re-localizing economy and reducing carbon footprint. And most significantly, operating at the interface between the complex ecological and social systems and the interior dimensions of human consciousness.

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