Dare to Dream - Ecovillage Experience Week 11 - 15 September 2023

Experience and learn about this unique pioneering community through an immersive programme with other like-minded individuals. This programme is for innovators and change agents, artists and scientists, visionaries and healers or anyone with an interest in ecological or sustainable practices.

Designed for any individual interested in transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle or curious about the inner workings of a whole system eco-community, this 5-day programme is designed to examine the core factors that underpin sustainability and explore the interrelated web between social, economic, cultural and ecological.

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An understanding of ecovillage design through the four dimensions of sustainability – social, cultural, ecological and economic.

This will include:

  • Renewable energy systems and energy efficiency models.
    Earth restoration projects and biological wastewater treatments.
    The unfolding values, spiritual practices and culture of the Findhorn Foundation and community.
    Social tools for personal and group transformation, authentic communication, empowerment and community building.
    Contemplation and reflection on life and purpose.
    Ecological building and community design.
    Cooperative social economies and complementary currencies.
    Energy consumption, establishing decentralised energy systems and restoring biodiversity
    Landscape-based architecture and how to construct low-carbon buildings
    Advocating for localising economies through human-scale business and initiatives, local jobs and prosperity

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